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Introduction – a work in progress

On the 20th February 2018, Currie and District Local History Society presented the Local History Guide at the Gibson Craig Hall at 07:30pm.

Some of you will be better informed than the History Guide compilers. You may wish to add, remove, or correct what you see; or offer a general critique. You are invited to make your thoughts known through the website Contact page.

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Juniper Green

JG1. Juniper Green Parish Manse.( 476 Lanark Road)

JG2. Juniper Green Bowling Club.

JG3. Curriemuirend

JG4. Tanner’s Bar and Restaurant

JG5. Upper Spylaw Mill *

JG6. Mossy Mill *

JG7. Curriemuir Mill / Inglis Gran Mill *

JG8. Caledonia Farm *

JG9. Lorimer House Nursing Home

JG10. Home of George Farm ( Scottish goalkeeper) 495, Lanark Road *

JG11. Juniper Green Parish Church

JG12. The Beild (506 Lanark Road) *

JG13. Bronze Age Cemetery *

JG14. Juniper Green Village Hall *

JG15. Bloomiehall Farm Byres *

JG16. Bloomiehall Farm House *

JG17. Bloomiehall Park *

JG18. Belmont Road *

JG19. Home of Edwin Lucas (24 Belmont Road) *

JG20. Baberton Golf Club *

JG21. National Commercial Bank of Scotland (548 Lanark Road) *

JG22. The Royal Bank of Scotland (540a Lanark Road)



D1.Caledonian Railway – Edinburgh to Glasgow line.

D2.Ravelrig Junction – Balerno Branch  Line (site of)

D3. Hannahfield Quarry Tramway (site of)

D4.Ravelrig Hill and Quarries

D5. Dalmahoy Hill and Fort

D6.Kaimes Hill and Fort

D7. Boll o’Bere Farm and Coaching Stop (site of)

D17. Redford Farm (ruin)