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History Guide Map


Introduction – a work in progress

On the 20th February 2018, Currie and District Local History Society presented the Local History Guide at the Gibson Craig Hall at 07:30pm.

Some of you will be better informed than the History Guide compilers. You may wish to add, remove, or correct what you see; or offer a general critique. You are invited to make your thoughts known through the website Contact page.


List of Points Of Interest



B1. Balerno Station (site of)

B2. New Mills Grain Mill (ruins of)

B3. Ravelrig Toll House (Site of)

B4. Ravelrig House (remains of)

B5. Ravelrig Doocot

B6. Ravelrig Walled Garden

B7. Balerno Goods Yard (site of)

B8. Malleny House and Garden

B9. Malleny Mausoleum or Burial Vault

B10. Malleny Doocot

B11. Byrnie’s Mill (Site of)

B12. Ladycroft

B13. St Mungo’s Epsicopal Church

B14. St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church (now St Joseph’s Centre)

B15. Balerno Parish Church


Currie – North of Water of Leith

CN1.  A Quarry.

CN2. Waulkmill.

CN3. Kinauld House.

CN4. Balerno Paper Mill. Most recently Kinauld Tannery.

CN5. Peats Garage 348/350 Lanark Road West / Kinleith Court.

CN6. Between  351 Lanark Road West and Kinauld Villas.

CN7. Kinauld Villas.

CN8. Shops in Dolphin Avenue.

CN9. Red Row Houses.

CN10. First Council Houses built in the Balerno-Currie district.

CN11. Currie Community Centre previously Currie Youth Club, 280 Lanark Road West.

CN12. Currie Bowling Club.

CN13. King George V Park and Commemorative items.

CN14. Millennium Walkway.

CN15. “Ashgrove” 225 Lanark Road West.

CN16. Eco House, 223 Lanark Road West.

CN17. Pentland View Court.

CN18. Roman Catholic Church and Priests House.

CN19. ” Overburn”No 219 Lanark Road West.

CN20. Lilac Bank 209 Lanark Road West. The 1st School in the Parish.

CN21 Site of Mort Coach housing, later a wheelwrights.

CN22. Corslet Stone – the Currie Village Cross.

CN23. Site of Currie Senior Secondary School.

CN24. Currie Library formerly a Primary School.

CN25.  Site of Weavers Spinney

CN26. Site of former Joiners Building.

CN27.  Electrical Sub Station.

CN28. No 204 Lanark Road West Blacksmiths

CN29. No 202 Lanark Road West.

CN30. No 200 Lanark Road West.

CN32. Henderson’s Dairy

CN32A two mid 19th century Cottages

CN33. “Lilybank” previously the Registrars. 194 Lanark Road West.

CN34. Dougal Haston (1940-1977) Memorial Stone.

CN35. Former Currie Police Station, laterly the Post Office.190-192 Lanark Road West.

CN36. Site of the Toll House.

CN37. Site of Burnside Cottage and Kiln.

CN38. Site of Ale House.

CN39. Location of Society Hall, 191-193 Lanark Road West

CN40. Easter Currie Farm.

CN41 Location of Easter Currie Farm Cottages.

CN42. Location of Bothies for itinerant workers.

CN43. Location of Bakers.

CN44. “Violet Bank” 167 Lanark Road West.

CN45.  Eden Cottages 161-165 Lanark Road West.

CN46. “Viewforth” Row of shops between the former Bank and the Hope Scott Garage.

CN47.  Site of Police Station 158 Lanark Road West.

CN48.  No 165 Lanark Road West.

CN49. “Cairngorm” No 161 Lanark Road West.

CN50. Guide Hut.

CN51.Gibson Craig Hall.

CN52. “Rosehill”, 154 Lanark Road West.

CN53. Site of Dunbrae No 157 and Claremont Cottage No 159 Lanark Road West.

CN54. No 149 -155 Lanark Road West “Glenleith”.

CN55. Water Fountain.

CN56.  Nos 143 to 147 (Ivy Cottage)  Lanark Road West.

CN57.  Former Registrars and District Council Office, 138 Lanark Road West.

CN58.  Alpine Villa and Clifton Villa Semi Detached Villas to the west of the Woodhall Arms.

CN59.  Woodhall Arms and Fleshers Shop, 135 Lanark Road West.

CN60.  Site of Weirs Buildings or Weirs Cottages

CN61.  “Downies Land” No 121 Lanark Road West.

CN 62. Milestone at Top of Bryce Road.

CN63. “Viewfield”  and Shops at top of Bryce Road.

CN64. “Fisherbank” and “Bathiebrae” Nos 111, 113 Lanark Road West.

CN65. “Curriebank” No 105 Lanark Road West.

CN66. No 101 Lanark Road West .

CN67. “Bank Cottage” No 99,Lanark Road West .

CN68. “Arden Cottage” No 97 Lanark Road West .

CN69.  No 93 Lanark Road West.

CN70. Provost Haugh area.

CN71. Scout Hall.

CN72. Currie Kirk Manse and

CN73. House with

CN74. Council Estate

CN75. Wimpy Estate

CN77. Dentist

CN301. Roleys Wood

CN302. Rifle Club

CN303. Curriehill Station

CN304. Former Plumbers workshop

CN305. Masonic Lodge

CN501. Corslet Cottage.

CN502.Site of the “Barlie Coort”

CN503. Classical Arch; southern boundary of Heriot-Watt University.

CN504. Malcomstone Farm and Farm Cottages, 5 Long Dalmahoy Road.

CN505. Riccarton House Ice House.

CN506. Heriot-Watt University Library built on the site of Riccarton House

CN507.Riccarton House Cemetery (private).

CN508.Whitelaw Farm.

CN509. Baberton House.

CN510. Wester Hailes Farm

CN511. Baberton Mains.

CN512. Site of Fernieflat Farm.

CN513. Riccarton Mains.

CN514. Hermiston, (Langheadmanstown).

CN515. Hermiston House

CN516. Union (Falkirk-Edinburgh) Canal.

CN517. Pedestal of Palmer Sundial in Sunken garden

CN518. Hermiston Memorial Hall


Currie – South of Water of Leith

CS1. The Deil’s  (or Devil’s) Bridge.

CS2. Lennox Tower.

CS3. Lymphoy Cottage.

CS4. Lymphoy House

CS5. Site of Duncan’s Belt.

CS6. Burial Cairns, Duncan’s Belt.

CS7.Dougal Haston Climbing Wall.

CS8. Warklaw Hill Decoy.

CS9. Easter Kinleith Farm.

CS10. Mount Parnassus House.

CS11. Lennox Lea and Lodge.

CS12. Poets Glen.

CS13. Mustering Field.

CS14. Caledonian Railway;  Slateford – Balerno Branch Line.

CS15. Rosebank Farm

CS16. “Lymphoy Lodge”, 20 Kirkgate.

CS17. Rosevale Cottages.

CS18. Scout Hall

CS19. Currie Brig (Bridge)

CS20. Currie Station Goods Yard.

CS21. Site of Currie Station; the only station with 2 platforms on the Slateford – Balerno Branch Line.

CS22. Former Station Masters House

CS23. Former School.

CS24. Former School House.

CS25. Currie Kirk.

CS26. The Robert Palmer Sundial.

CS27. Currie War Memorial

CS28. Former Kirk Manse.

CS29. Graveyard.

CS30.  Mungo’s Well.

CS31. Moidart House  

CS32. Braeburn House.

CS33 Livestock grazing field before rail transport.

CS34. Blinkbonny, Quarry Workers houses.

CS35. Blinkbonny Farm

CS36. Blinkbonny, Mill Workers Houses.

CS37. Site of Kinleith Mill and Pump House.

CS39. Water of Leith

CS40. Mutters Bridge

CS41. Kinleith Railway Bridge

CS42.  Weir

Juniper Green

JG1. Juniper Green Parish Manse.( 476 Lanark Road)

JG2. Juniper Green Bowling Club.

JG3. Curriemuirend

JG4. Tanner’s Bar and Restaurant

JG5. Upper Spylaw Mill *

JG6. Mossy Mill *

JG7. Curriemuir Mill / Inglis Gran Mill *

JG8. Caledonia Farm *

JG9. Lorimer House Nursing Home

JG10. Home of George Farm ( Scottish goalkeeper) 495, Lanark Road *

JG11. Juniper Green Parish Church

JG12. The Beild (506 Lanark Road) *

JG13. Bronze Age Cemetery *

JG14. Juniper Green Village Hall *

JG15. Bloomiehall Farm Byres *

JG16. Bloomiehall Farm House *

JG17. Bloomiehall Park *

JG18. Belmont Road *

JG19. Home of Edwin Lucas (24 Belmont Road) *

JG20. Baberton Golf Club *

JG21. National Commercial Bank of Scotland (548 Lanark Road) *

JG22. The Royal Bank of Scotland (540a Lanark Road)


D1.Caledonian Railway – Edinburgh to Glasgow line.

D2.Ravelrig Junction – Balerno Branch  Line (site of)

D3. Hannahfield Quarry Tramway (site of)

D4.Ravelrig Hill and Quarries

D5. Dalmahoy Hill and Fort

D6.Kaimes Hill and Fort

D7. Boll o’Bere Farm and Coaching Stop (site of)

D8. Bankhead Farm

D9. Glenbrook House

D10. Glenbrook Village

D11. House of Cockburn (formerly Westbrook)

D12. Cockburn House

D13. Pirnie Ha

D14. Buteland House and farm and Temple House

D15. Marchbank Hotel

D16. Redford Farm (ruin)

D17. Bavelaw Castle