Elsie Inglis and the Scottish Women’s Hospitals

Iain Macintyre at the end of his excellent talk mentioned books on Elsie Inglis and some of us weren\’t quick enoughto make a note of these. For those who are interested the books Ian Suggested were;

Elsie Inglis: Founder of Battlefield Hospitals Run Entirely by Women (Scots\’ Lives)
Leah Leneman
Published by NMSE – Publishing Ltd (1998)

In the Service of Life: Story of Elsie Inglis and the Scottish Women\’s Hospitals
Leah Leneman
Published by Mercat Press , 1994

Published by Michael Joseph London 1st edn, 1971

Elsie Inglis: The Woman with the Torch (Illustrated Edition) (Paperback)
Eva Shaw McLaren
Published by Dodo Press, United Kingdom (2009)

and the book on Royaumant is:

Angels of Mercy: A Womens Hospital on the Western Front 1914 – 1918
Eileen Crofton
Published by Birlinn Ltd (2013)