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Summer Outing Goes Underground

On 15th June our Summer Outing went ahead with 18 members and guests attending plus our President Malcolm Fergusson providing additional transport. We visited Gilmerton Cove in Drum Street Gilmerton. The nearby Faith Mission Cafe was used as our base as we had to split into two parties to take the tours into the mysterious underground caves.

The Cove, was a blacksmith\’s premises in the 18th century, that much is known. The tour guide led us underground through a series of caves and passages, featuring stone benches and tables. Academic speculation was that these hand-carved caves are perhaps a thousand years old, or more. But to what purpose? Recent speculation has suggested that it was a Druid temple, possibly an underground chapel, with Knights Templar connections, a masonic lodge, there are masonic carvings, a witches coven, a Covenanters\’ hideaway, or merely an illicit drinking den for our own local Hellfire Club. A fascinating and enjoyable tour – and all members were safely returned to the surface.

2016 Summer Outing 1
2016 Summer Outing 2